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EELHOE Natural Beeswax Furniture Care Polishing Beeswax Waterproof Brightening Wear-resistant Wood Floor Care Beeswax

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Net weight    Packing                 Packing Size      Product Size    Material     Net Weight

20g士5g       plastic seal             4.2*3cm              4.2*3cm           PE               25g 

40g士5g       plastic seal             5.2*3. 9cm          5.2*3. 9cm        PE              53g 

80g士5g        plastic seal             5.5*6cm .           5.5*6cm            PE               91g

Storage method: Store in a cool place

Product Features: Removes dirt, grease and grime from wood surfaces. Prevents wood from drying out and cracking, bringing dull furniture back to life.