Our Prefabricated/ Light Steel Frame Houses

Dear Valued Customers, we will guide you more details about our prefabricated/ light steel frame houses which we offer on our website. It is important for us to educated our customers with how our system works in full operations. 

First of all many of you might be wondering to yourself if you're browsing the correct website when you call us on support? However, we understand many of you have questions. 

So let us keep in mind the houses which we offer are very huge items that we handle that requires us with very strict regulations to handled to each country around the world.

However, we at Triple AAA Fashion Collection collaborate with serveral Manufactures between USA, China, Turkey to make this possible for our customers to own their own home.

Please note that the different manufactures have different rules and regulations in which we have to follow and abide by by the rules and regulations of USA and other countries which our customers also needs to follow:

_ Our USA manufacture warehouse offers the light steel frame house structures only!

_ Our USA manufacture warehouse do not offer internal and externational features such as: walls, flooring, kitchen cupboards, sinks, electrical wiring,etc. However, those features we have mentioned above if you request form here customers will need to purchase the features locally in your area.

_Our USA manufacture is loacted in Texas and is legally Certified Standards of the following: ICCES-ESR4641, ISO Certified 9001, ISO Certified 14001, ISO Certified 45001, SFIA .

_Our USA manufacture warehouse offers 10 years structural warranty and if you also, request for installing services within Texas using our services it is 30 years warranty.

_Our USA manufacture warehouse mainly cater for big projects for acres of land owners for residental and commerical usesages only starting from 10,000sq ft and up!

_Our USA manufacture warehouse our customers are free to set up appointments with us to visit the factory so that we can schedule your booking appointment.

 The light steel structure frame houses are recyclable materials from the USA manufacturer. 

Our prefabricated houses comes from our China manufacturer. Resistant to Wind 100-120Km/H, Snow Load 20-25KG/m2, Earthquake Grade 8 Resistant for the USA. The expandable container house can go on a flat surface to expand and is very easy to install.

 Also, we have about 8 different manufacturer from China that can supply us both ligth steel villas and prefabricated houses as well. They also can supply us container houses and business shops, guard house etc.

Some of our China manufacturer can also provide us conrete light steel villas too! They can also, provide us 3D Floor Plan PDF if you requested through us. 

Please note that our China manufacturer charges for the PDF Floor Plans. Once this begins we cannot cancel and the drawings are Non Refundable. Please ensure that you provide us accurate information at all times.

We will not be held responsible for any inaccurate information you provided to us with your full name, address,email,phone number, Valid form of ID Card and a Photo showing us your last 4 digits of Credit Card in your invoice.

Also, customers cannot decides to change their minds to cancel the order when we received successful pruchases serious purchases only!

Our Turkey manufacturer offers us both prefabicated houses and light steel frame houses with 1 year warranty. They also, covers Earthquake Proof, Suitable For Tough Weathe Conditions, Class A1 Fire Rating Boards, Easy To Install, Afforable Prices.

We also, can provide 3D Floor Plans as well and you can set up appointment if you would like to visit for those in Turkey or USA depending of which our customers prefers! 

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