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100g Wax beans Hard Hot Film Waxing Beans Bead Pellet Armpit Arm Legs Hair Removal No Strip Depilatory Wax-melt Warmer Machine

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-Name: Paper-free hair removal wax beans

-Dosage: 100g of wax beans can probably remove the hair on two arms or one leg. Please decide the quantity of products purchased according to your scope of use

-Color:Honey/Strawberry/Chamomile/Rose/Tea tree/Aloe/Cream/Lavender/Chocolate/Black

-Net weight: 100g

-Parts of use: For men and women all over the body



-No hair removal paper, complete hair removal.-The ingredients are skin-friendly and suitable for whole body


How to use:

1. Take suitable wax beans and melt them in the wax melting machine.

2. Use a wax stick to dip an appropriate amount of wax evenly along the direction of hair growth, at least 1.5mm thick.

3. After waiting to dry and hard, quickly tear off the wax film against the direction of hair growth.

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