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Balloon St. Patrick's Day Balloon Party Decoration Pull Flag Spiral Set Round Latex Balloon Ribbon

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Product information

Name: Irish Festival Set

Material: latex, aluminum film

Color: green white, orange

Usage: Festive party scene arrangement

Product features: It is made of natural latex environmentally friendly materials, with good luster and beautiful spherical shape, suitable for all kinds of party scene arrangements.


Demonstration of deflation (three pictures below)

1. Prepare the tube to the inflation port

2. go down slowly

3. After deflation, it can be put away for next use



About product description ➢

*The balloon cannot be washed with water, avoid the wind and the sun, any excessive friction and pulling, contact with sharp objects, etc., will easily cause the balloon to be damaged.

*Balloons contain latex (rubber) ingredients, which may cause allergies. Those who are prone to allergies should be cautious.

*Balloons are divided into sizes and specifications. Do not inflate too much. Please refer to the maximum inflation diameter of each size balloon to inflate. After inflating, gently press the balloon with your hand, and the ball skin should be elastic.

*Generally, the inflator uses air, which cannot make the balloon float. For the floating effect, it must be charged with helium gas. The mini size of the aluminum film balloon cannot be lifted off when it is filled with helium gas. Because the gas volume is too small, other gauges can be filled with helium gas. Lift off normally (do not use dangerous gases such as hydrogen)

*All latex balloons are not perfect circles, you need to fine-tune the shape to make the shape more beautiful

*Any balloon cannot be guaranteed to be 100% free of bad balls before it is inflated, and the bad ball rate of imported balls is about 1%-3%. The breakage rate of domestic balloons is about 3% - 5%.

*Balloon is a one-time-use product, inflated is used, we can not be responsible for the damage and air leakage after inflating, please know.

*All balloons have white powder inside to prevent sticky talc powder. During the balloon packaging process, there will be a small amount of powder in the package, which is normal.