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Brow Lamination Styling Soap Kit Eyebrows Lifting Soap with Aole Mist Sprayer Brows Growth Serum Long Lasting Makeup Kit

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Package include: 1 x brow soap 20g 1 x aloe mist 50ml 1 x brow growth serum 5ml 1 x brow brush black Features: Natural aloe mist, moisturizing your skin and easy to wear makeup. Clear brow soap, colorless, get neat and thick eyebrows easily. Brow and lash growth serum, nurishing your eyebrows and eyelashes. How to use: 1. Wet the brush with the aloe spray 2. Take some styling soap  with brush 3. Brush eyebrows in the same direction 4. Repeat the combing of the eyebrows and let each eyebrows stick to the setting soap to achieve the setting effect 5. You could use the brow and lash growth serum after the daily skin care perform, your brows and lash will become more thicker and longer.