We Are Officially A Trusted Store Badges On Google Buy Channel

To our Customers, we at Triple AAA Fashion Collection are officially a Trusted Store On Google Buy as of 15 August,2022. We have been working so hard for this and we would like to thank our customers for your support throughout the years and years to come!

It's a great honor to provide our Products & Services to our Valued Customers. We have really worked very hard to getting this Badge with Google. It's not easy to this Badge from Google. 

We will continue to provide our Products & Services to you and also improve in our Business to suit our Customers needs. We had officially show this announcement is just visiting our website.

Our jobs here might seems very simple and easy! This is because, we have made it so simple for our Customers to Shop with us. Whilst we do all the ground work. 

As mentioned before getting a Trusted Store Badge from Google is not easy! Why do I say this let me further explain: Google are 1 of the most Strictest Policies that Merchants like us have to abide by the Rules & Regulations.

However, with all the Rules & Regulations of Google we have really worked our way from scratch this is because, we Value our Customers & our Products & Services which we offer on our website.



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