Tiny House On Wheels Are Finally Here!

Hello Viewers, I know you're probably wondering when are the Tiny Houses on Wheels will be available? Well it's finally here and ready for delivery. I know lot's of persons been asking us about it so we have been working on it since behind the seen. 

However, our Tiny Houses are a bit different from our Prefabricated Light Steel Frame Houses. I will explain further to help with your questions in mind. These types of Tiny House on Wheels will be Fully Customized Orders.

They come Ready Made House Delivered to your Location and Ships Sea Port Arrival! Plus it comes fully furnished oh yes you heard me! Shipping To The USA & Canada with Tiny House On Wheels Are More Expensive more than Shipping to Europe Countries.

An example of Shipping cost to USA in Arizona State might cost $20,000 USD & Shipping to Europe might cost between $5,000 to $7,500 USD. Nevertheless, we use Calculated Shipping rates based on dimensions, designs, weight, etc.

The beauty about the Tiny Houses when they arrived to your location it's far easier to customs clearance and duties after deliver Sea Port. The Truck picks it up and deliver it it straight to your location.

This is also, another reason why shipping is so high and yes it comes directly from our Turkey Warehouse plus with 1 year Warranty Coverage. These Tiny House on Wheels Lifespan can Last up to 50 years time.

We Accept Financing with Shopify Pay with Affirm to Purchase their Tiny Home. Customers are required to put in their Full Name, Address, Telephone, Email for us on file so that we will not be held responsible for any Inaccurate Information made by customer. 

Contact us first before purchasing your Tiny House these are Special Big Orders that are Handle with Extra Support!

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