The Struggle Of Abuse

The Struggle Of Abuse

Many of us asked ourselves this question! I wish to further relate on topics like these that do capture my full attention. 

Many of us struggle with abuse.  It doesn't matter what age you are, it doesn't matter what culture you are from,  it doesn't matter what ethnicity you are from but, abuse happens to anyone. 

Abuse can be described in many different forms for example: Relationship,  Alcohol Etc. Growing up I have seen many couples who stays in Relationships with an Abusive Partner. 

According to research Women are highly being more at risk in a abusive relationship than men. Now let's look at some major factors of an Abusive Relationship!

We have to asked ourselves what causes abuse in a relationship between two partners? Well according to research abusive relationship can comes from many different ways such as: A Childhood Of Abuse,  An Insecure Partner and Abusive Relationship Can Even Be Emotionally and Physically as well. 

Men are more likely dominate to become abusive in a relationship.  Now don't get me wrong here! But, women who stays in abusive relationship tends to make excuses for their partner who abuses them. 

How is this so I will further explain why this happens.  Abusive Relationship Partner never changes unless they want to change to a better person.  No matter the fact how much you may be in love with each other.  

Also if your abusive relationship involve children women are more likely to stay with the abuse than to get out because,  of their kids. Especially if you maybe a housewife and your partner is the breadwinner for your household.  

We as women will consider to stay knowing all the facts but, when children are involved in abusive relationships. We have to understand that is not the right decision to take because,  they are long term emotional abuse that affects children as well who grew up in abusive homes. 

Some of us women do nothing about it especially if they abusive partner sexual molested their children.  This is something personally I never accept or understand how some women can sit down and let this happen to their children.  

No amount of researchers can even help me to understand why some women allows this to happen and also what I cannot understand is when sometimes the children talks out and let someone knows about it. Nobody isn't taking it seriously! Psychologically this affects children for life as well. 

Sometimes children who are abuse acts out as a cry of help for examples: A child maybe become a bully in school,  Tennager may become doing drugs having sexual intercourse with multiple parties, stealing and giving adults a very rude attitude.  

Now what you need to understand is that when things get to that stage you have to read between the lines of when children are crying out for help and no one is listening to them. So children see that being like this is the only way they can get your attention!

Those kids will need a psycho therapy for themselves to understand why they are behaving a certain way of life. 

Also the parents will need psycho therapy to help understand what step they should take in their relationship when dealing with abuse. 

Also I will show you some tips of an Abusive Partners: Abusive Partners always say things to their spouse to make it look like we are the one who makes us feel hurt or making us look stupid, or making us feeling insecure when the fact of the matter is they feel good when you the one they can manipulate with your emotions.  

Also the abuser is the who have lots of insecuritiesabout themselves and their behavior that they dump it on you. Now understand this when this happens to you your perception begins to process this and you accept your abuser garbage and you now start to carry out this kind of personality behavior.  

So lets say that in future if you do go into a different relationship with someone else you will automatically carried out this insecure behavior pattern that will affect your current new relationship.  Because,  you are carrying baggages from your past relationship to your present relationship. 

 Another thing an Abusive Partner do to you are they want to control you, always starting a quarrel,  hitting you like a punching bag, insecure behavior if you talk to any of your friends or family relative's. 

Running through your phone to checking your contact list and social media post. But, the truth is that in a case like this in any relationship is not a safe place to stay in where there is no peace of mind. Only sorrows and tears pain it never gets better in this type of relationship.  

It is unhealthy and unethical to continue to living in just existence and not living your life to your full potentials. We as women need to have the courage today and take a stand to no we have had enough.  

It takes a woman courage to be strong for the storms of life struggles to make her stronger.  If you like this blog post! Please click the Like button below: Share, Comment. 


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