Our Fraud Pro Protection Badge Coverage Which Was Implemented To Our Website

Our Valued Customers,  the Management & Staff At Triple AAA Fashion Collection. Keeping all of our Customers Information is our Top Priority. 

With this being said and Ensuring to keep up with Rules & Regulations of Shopify Platform,  Google,  Social Media Sites, etc. 

We Implement Our Fraud Pro Protection Badge. For our Customers who might not fully understand it we will explain it in details. 

As Mentioned earlier this Badge was Implemented to our site & our Priority is keeping our Customers Information Safe from Credit Card Scam Purchasing. 

Which means that Triple AAA Fashion Collection have Meet All The Legal Requirements to Comply by! 

Yes! This is a Green Light for our Customers to Shop with Us whether it is Small or Large Items on our Store. 

On Top of that we also have our Shipping Protection Coverage to Ensure 100% Safe Successful Delivery Purchasing.  

This Protection is for Loss/ Damage/Stolen Items Cases. However,  it is Handle Case by Case. No Need for our Customers to Open Chargeback! 

Once you have selected the Shipping Protection Coverage your Order is 100% Secure Automatically! 

Which means if item gets Loss, Stolen, Damage while tracking the our Order will either be Replaced or Refund at No Expensive to Customers. 

As a Verified Merchant on Shopify,  Google,  Social Media sites.  We have 100% Successful Delivery Shipping Rates! 

 Most of the our Customers knows by now our shipping delivery are between 10-15 Business Days! Depending on the Factors whether it is E- Packets or Orginal Packaging & Which of our Warehouses items are being shipped from! 

Nevertheless,  they are certain things may delay shipping processing time and delay shipping time as well!

Which we have no Control Over Such as: National Holiday,  Custom Processing Depending on which Country items are shipping too may take longer, Weather Delays, Peak Season Of Shipping Delivery Services.  




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