COVID-19 Updates

Dear Customers, 

         It is known that the Global Pandemic of COVID-19 have a tremendous impact around the world. We at Triple AAA Fashion Collection are standing with you in this Global Pandemic. Our working hours are still the same and we are ensuring that we can provide you the same services that we we offer! 

         However, with more than 70% of Airports that are shutdown Globally Shipments From Our China Warehouses are majorly affected. In this Global Pandemic that we face today We are Only Shipping To Certain International Countries from China. The rush with shipments being schedule and long delays. Some Shipment from China will no longer be 5 to 7 Business Days. It will take automatically ship between 5 to 20 Business Days.

          Also, at this point we are not Shipping to Canada this will be from 25th May 2020. Processing will take Between 3 to 5 Days, Express Shipping to Australia & Uk, Germany are between 7 to 12 Business Days. Some other China Warehouse we offer Pick Up Orders & Deliveries as well to learn more which products offers Pick Up Orders Send us a message to our Customer Service Representative and they will reply within a few minutes time frame. 

          Some other Warehouse from China are Shipping between 7 to 18 Business Days. Shipping from this Warehouse all Products Comes In Original Packaging and Shipping Rates Are More Higher Than E Packets. When you at products from this Warehouse into your Cart shipping Rates will be Calculated at Checkout.