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UFO 2 Retractable Dog Leash Ring Led lighting Flexible Pet collar Dog Puppy Traction Rope Belt Length 3m leash

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1. The UFO traction rope which has been praised since its launch has more than 30 design improvements from inside to outside.

2. The total rope length of 3 meters makes a delicate balance between flexibility and controllability.

3. Wearable design, satisfied and handy.

4.A high-brightness LED lamp is applied in the front and designed by the Fresnel lens to contribute a concentrated light effect in a tiny space, so that the illumination distance can reach 3 meters.



Charging method:Type-C

Charging voltage:DC 5V

Battery capacity:210mah

Total traction length:3m

Maximum static pull:90kg

Size:138 x 138 x 30mm


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1 * Retractable Dog Leash