The Power Of Our Perception

The Power Of Our Perception

Have You Ever Wondered How Powerful is Your Perception? Well I hope after reading  to this interesting story about how this can help inspire you  in some aspects in your daily life we will need your full attention! Please Like, Share, Comment on the blog!

As Individuals our perception are the most powerful tools to Human Beings Intelligence of how we go about our daily lives.  

Our Perception is the Power of Our Mindsets. Our Mindsets determines how we think? How we process information? How we see things? How we annualized? 

Whether it can be Negative Impacts Or Positive Impacts! The Human Brain are made up with Billions of Neurons of Cells. With these Neurons of Cells it's divided into two aspects of Good and Negative Energy.  

Some Major Factors of what Contributed to these Positive and Negative Energies are Environmental and Our Thinking!

Our Perception are so powerful that we sometimes are not aware of the consciousness of how this impacts our daily lives.  For examples: 

As Individuals we have Goals of becoming Successful. However,  In Reality some of us will put Positive Measurements In Place in Strategic Planning on how to Accomplish this Goal. 

While some of wants to become Successful but, they make excuses of trying to put the blame on something or someone else.  Here's what the difference between the two! 

In examples shown above: The Positive Individuals shown in their Perception they set their own Goals and work towards themselves for a better tomorrow!

While some of those other Individuals have their own Goals also, in addition to this they might be finding it very Impossible for them to get there, simply finding it very hard to Accomplish and they may think Negativity when they see someone else is raising towards their Dreams and Accomplishments in life. They might even try to pretend to be your friend to stab you in the back. 

Sometimes we need to be Extremely Careful of what type of People be Our Friends.  Because,  in life self not Everyone who Smiles and Laughed with you means that they care about you! Growing up I always remember what my Grandma used to say when I was little and I quote 'She said show me your friends and I will tell you who you are' end of quote. 

Some people Pretends that care about us when really at the back of their Mindsets towards you they cannot stand the site of you but, smiling to your face behind that fake smile is someone who jealous,  envy, hate the sight of you but, you might not see it coming because,  sometimes people put up such a good act that you never expected it. 

Whatever we put in our lives that is what we put out! In some cases we may find ourselves in a negative situation even though we might thinking positively most of the time. However,  in this situation we have a choice to make no matter if we fall a little short but, how we get back up and pick up the pieces on our own feet is what matters.

Sometimes we cannot stop or prevent negative things from happening to us but, we do have a choice to make our lives better and base on the choices we choose have consequences for our actions. 

Based on those actions of choices we make in our daily lives will determine if it make us become better Individuals to positive energy or a negative energy. 

Sometimes society may judge us without even getting to know you and we might asked ourselves this question! Why are we judge so quickly without people stepping into our shoes?

Well the truth is that we are not Perfect Human Beings we do make mistakes.  We also have to accept that we live in a Society today that not everyone will like us! Some will like us and we have to learn to be concerned about sometimes what Society  might think of us!

We have to learn that we must Love Ourselves First before anyone can love you for you.  Sometimes we are more scared of what others say about us and the truth is those negative energy are dumped into our Perception thinking that something is wrong about us.

We might try to cover up it in putting on an act on Society that we are good in their eyes. The truth of the matter is that we cannot stand the silence of being left alone thinking about whatever little voices might be going through our minds. 

Millions of People around the world suffers from Depression. Some are from Relationship,  Bullying,  Illness and many other forms of Depression.  

We have to understand this into our Mindsets we must Love Ourselves First before anyone can Love us. Be Confident in your Self Worth. Everyone is Special in their own Unique ways! 

Everyone has to right to be happy whether some of us are wealthy or poor! It doesn't matter which countries you are from we as Human Beings should look out more for each other in today's Society we live in this world of ours!










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