How To Protect Your Mental Growth?

How To Protect Your Mental Growth?

Have you ever think about why we should Protect Our Mental Growth? In this blog post I will cover many Interesting Topics that would Capture your  Interest. Please feel free to Like, Share, Comment on the blog post!

First of all why is Protecting Your Mental Growth Important? I will give you great Tips and Tricks of why it is important! 

In addition to this it will helps us define who we are as Individuals.  This is another great powerful concept that we should apply in our daily lives.  

How can we apply these concepts? Simple by using our Perception thinking beyond outside of the box. Remember this in our previous blog post we spoke about How Powerful Is Our Perception?

Well! In this area Perception will be apart of our discussion here about why we should Protect Our Mental Growth?

I absolutely love to touch on Interesting Topics like these It is something that I always have been Passionate about it.  

I will give some examples below:                        Lets say that there is a couple who are legally husband and wife and they have children together.  Now the wife husband is an Abusive towards her and their children Physically,  Emotionally, Verbally. 

The couple have been Married for 10 years now! However,  before they got married the husband was always had the Forms of Jealousy,  Obessive, Insecure Behavior Patterns throughout the beginning of their Relationship. 

But, as the time goes by she said to herself he will change with time. However,  as years passed on it gotten worst. She now lives in total Fears of her life and her children!

She's afraid that her husband will decide to take her and her children life if she decides to leave him! He has already made treating remarks to her about it and she feels helpless!

Here's another example below:                            Two best friends from childhood growing up together.  Both of these girls went to the same Junior High School.  However,  both of these girls came from poor background of their parents. In addition to this one of these girls grew up with both of her parent's. 

Whilst the other girl only grew up with her mom alone her father never looked back on them. Also whilst growing up together the two best friends face lot's of challenges as time goes by in their lives. 

As time passes the girl who grew up with both of her parent's they eventually end up breaking up from each other. Also because,  of this young lady end up acting out as she grew up as teenagers to adulthood.  

She knew the right thing but, she was hurt by what transpired between her parent's and she ended up making very poor choice decisions in her life. 

However,  the other friend who only grew up with her mom alone was totally surprised by her friends actions!

Even though her mom was a single parent everyone else used to looked down at them because,  of the stigma of being a single mother.  

However,  her mom tried so hard to give her daughter the best for her. One thing her mom always say to her is that her daughter never made her go through anything like what her friend did to her parent's breakup. 

Now please pay very close attention as it gets more Interesting! Sometimes in life the people who we love the most are the same people who betrays our trust! 

In my first example shown above with the married couple! We need to understand something that in Relationships with your partner we need to Protect Our Mental Growth through Physically,  Emotionally, Mentally.  

By doing this it will help us to make wiser decisions making in our daily lives.  No One deserves to be in an Abusive Relationship even if you have kids with them it also equally affect them as well Physically,  Emotionally,  Mentally.  

We as women may consider the other things before decide to make up our mind thinking that they will change.  But, we have to look at the realistic facts on and not to continue to be engaging with Abusive Relationship.  

According to research people who stay in abusive relationship are people who were abuse in their childhood.  Factors that Contributes to Abuse are Negative Environment,  Low Self Worth,  Insecure Behavior Patterns and so on. 

They are more likely to become abusive in a relationship. The percentage of abusers changing are very slim chance to none. This is something that society are very quick to judge about being in a domestic violence relationship. 

They are many cases where someone may know an individual who are being abuse by domestic violence. However,  they may want to help but, lot's of time women run back to their partner who abuses them. In case their lives are in total danger! 

How does society reacts to this? What types of measurements we can put in place to stop domestic violence against women, children? For women who had escape from domestic violence relationship what are the Physiological effects of scars both Physically and Mentally of a lifetime?

To be continued.





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