Let me tell you about a story of a young lady who lack confidence in herself! The truth of the matter is that in life we all struggle in some type of form whether it be Emotional Issues or Physical Issues. 

We as Human Beings may asked ourselves why do we lack the confidence in ourselves? Well this story that I am about to tell you is a very interesting one so listen up carefully. 

There was a young lady who lacked confidence in herself whenever, she is by herself she came from a family of good background charterer, she graduated college and have her degree in Accountancy but, with all of this she have within herself she always finds faults about herself.

She knew lots of people in her line of work and she was very great at her job she even got a promotion with all this being said sometimes you might asked yourself her life is so perfect why would she still lacked confidence in herself? 

She would always want to change her physical appearance like the way she dresses, the way she talked, the way she behave around her friends everything physically about her appearance that you can think about!

No one would ever believed that she struggles with this emotional behavior about herself sometimes in life we may have everything possible that life have to offers on the physical aspects of life but, sometimes we try to cover up it all on the outside but, truly what we are scared of is our own reflections of how we think about ourselves!

The way we think about ourselves is very important we can also hide the physical looks about ourselves but, we cannot hide the emotions of how we think with ourselves. We might not be afraid of the big challenges that life offers but we are scared of our own shadows.

We have to understand that dealing with emotional issues it is a process that is not simple solution to solved it takes time and lots of determination to change our Perception in the we Think, Process, Analyzed. 

Sometimes we often may forget that we can get carried away by the best things life offers and we forget what is really important to life which are Love, Peace, Happiness. In addition to this we need to learn on what is really important to us as Individuals and not what Society may think about us.

Society will always judge us and we are not perfect we do make mistakes in life but, our happiness matters too we have a right to be happy as well and if we are not happy with ourselves then nobody will be happy with us.

Likewise, if we don't love ourselves then nobody is going to love us either let me help you to understand my point have you ever asked yourself these questions about why is it the Rich have so much wealth and cannot be happy? Someone might be Poor but, they are happy?

Sometimes we have to take a step back and paused and rethink why I am really trying to change myself from the way how I see myself in the mirror? Why am I always putting up an act around my family, friends, love ones and pretending that I am this way? We cannot continue to hide this feelings when we are alone because, it's like you're trapped within your own emotions.

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